The sales numbers in Piermont Grand in Q1 2020

Singapore Condominium, Singapore Property
Costs within the Outdoors Central Area, on the other hand, stayed the same after signing up a 0.4% decrease in Q1. This applies to the sales at Piermont Grand. URA exposed that rates of non-landed houses within the Core Central Area (CCR) slid 0.1% in Q2, a renovation from Q1's 2.2% decrease. The Relax of Central Area (RCR) saw costs drop 1.9%, a larger decrease contrasted to the previous quarter's 0.5% decline. With this, Sunlight anticipates house rates to stay soft in the coming months taking into consideration the macroeconomic unpredictabilities. For the complete year, she anticipates exclusive house rates to come by 3% to 5%. " Nonetheless, maybe prematurely in conclusion that this is the start of a continual duration of cost decreases. We need to beware in translating…
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